Thursday, May 21, 2009


"We lay aside letters never to read them again,
and at last we destroy them out of discretion,
and so disappears the most beautiful,
the most immediate breath of life,
irrecoverable for ourselves and for others."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Destroying nostalgia
is something I never do
I'm far too sentimental
Probably excessively so.

Time is a panacea,
a charmer...a changer...
a re-writer of emotions and a healer of grief.
I'm stubborn, impatient, and prefer to be
the enchantress rather than the enchanted...
so I have to swollow more of the magical elixir of time.
The overly sweet flavor isn't generally something I enjoy
Alas, the necessity to breathe is compelling.
Oh, if only a spoonful is all it took.

Tell me what you use...
Maybe I'll buy it next time.
For most certainly there will be a next time.

And until then, I won't be the one to erase
"the most beautiful, the most immediate breath of life..."

I'll just pack it away...
save it for my favorite rainy day...


Heather Ratcliffe Busey said...

Miranda, you are such an incredible writer! I love your musings!

Kelly Beane said...

you continually amaze me! i thoroughly enjoy your writings!!