Friday, May 29, 2009

"...but I see beauty there always"

I felt incredibly spoiled today.
I'm convinced that Washington knew I was coming,
and in a gesture of welcome
gave me the perfect late spring/early summer day.

I slept poorly last night.
I felt a bit like a small child on Christmas Eve...
far too excited for morning to come to get any sleep.
As soon as the sun came up, I was outside.

I started the day with a jog at the lake two blocks from my dad's house.
(Didn't really run...too caught up in snapping pictures.)
This was my morning view.

I'm pretty much in love with this neighborhood...
After dinner, Grandy took the boys fishing while I ran.
(Had to make up for the lack of running this morning.)

I ended the day on my dad's huge front porch,
listening to some Azure Ray and breathing in the cool night air.


Cara said...

I wish I was's too loud in the big city to find any peaceful lakes....

Raschelle said...

this is such a beautiful post! what a beautiful time youre having. probably much needed and much deserved. love you