Thursday, May 14, 2009

Always fun for little kids.
We had an end of the year [End of the year! Yay! See me doing my dance??] field trip for our group at the church today. We took the little ones on a KC-135. Twenty 3 & 4 year olds...running wild on a tanker. Luckily, we had a few spare pilots hanging around to make sure they didn't fall out of the plane.

The plane, with Dylan looking on. He was very excited.

This is Liam. He is one of Dylan's best friends.
Together, they're nothing but trouble.

Dylan and Liam, climbing the steps to board...

Dylan's very first stop was the pilot's seat.
He got in there before anyone else had a chance...haha.

Then he got his shot at boom operating...
without actually operating the boom, obviously...

...but not for lack of trying. He was, in this moment,
attempting to convince Clint to open the window.

After everyone got their chance at the pilot's seat and the boom, we took them to the life support division to check out the parachutes, night vision goggles, and life rafts. When we finished the tour of life support, we ordered the box lunches that the pilots eat and took the kids to the park for a picnic. (I didn't take pictures of that...I was busy feeding children. Craziness, there. They all wanted to skip the sandwiches and go straight for the kitkats.)

Clint scored wings and patches for all of the kiddos...
(how exciting is that for a 3/4 year old?!?)

Dylan was awfully proud.

Camden didn't get to go on this field trip, because he's in big boy school.
But he did get a pair of wings and a patch.
He was awarded "most curious student" of his class this year.
Is it at all obvious why??
Dylan's decided he's going to fly a plane one that's nice :\
I'm glad he's only four,
and has several years before he will actually make that choice...haha.

But overall, fun day.
Definitely something out of our norm...
which is always welcome.

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Dayspringgirl said...

hey!! it was a great day!! and you got some great pics! hey - i need to get tanners stuff from clint....he was asleep before we were off the base! :) thanks so much for being is great teacher!! love you~