Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two thousand, one hundred and eighty miles...

We started the journey back to Oklahoma on Thursday morning.
I wanted to take more time getting home,
because I felt like I was torturing the boys by
making them sit in the kiddie seats for so long...haha.
We went back to Madison County.
I wanted to find more of the covered bridges.
The boys had fun running through this one...
probably mostly because they were tired of being in the car.
The whole time they were running through it they were saying
"MOM! Take a picture of us running in the bridge!"
So I did, of course. Several of them.
Here are just two of the many...

We stopped at a hotel...
making sure the one we chose to stay in had an
indoor pool and hot tub.
We swam before bed, then again after breakfast.
It was fun and relaxing.

Here are my cuties...
ready for swimming in their new swim trunks...
(You can see the remnant of a tattoo on Dylan's belly...haha.)

And after swimming...wet hair from mom dunking them. :)

They were troopers on the long ride. They did really good.
We sang songs and had fun conversations.

Dylan="Mom, why do we get out of the house when it's on fire?"
Me="So that we don't get burned."
Dylan="Well, why does it burn us?"
Me="Because it's super, super hot."
Dylan="Does fire want to be hot?"
Me="Um...I don't think fire has a just is."
Dylan="So what if fire was on fire?"
....and it keeps going.
They're very curious about all sorts of random things.
Patience is necessary when traveling with two young boys.
That, and the ability to tune them out when you get
tired of answering questions. :)

They also napped a bit.
I can't see how this would be comfortable,
but they seemed to be ok with it.

They had a lot of fun in Minneapolis,
but they were glad to be back in Altus.
Camden asked what town we were in
every time we passed through one.
When we finally got to Altus,
he asked [again] what town we were in.
I said "Well, what town do you think we're in?"
He looked around and said "ALTUS!"
I asked him why he thought that,
and he started pointing to buildings and saying
"Because that building is in Altus,
and that building is in Altus...
and that's how I know!"

Dylan spotted the plane in the park and that's how he knew.
As soon as we got to the house, they ran into their toy room
and put on their cowboy boots, hats, and guns.
They were excited to be reunited with their favorite things...

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Cara said...

my favorite two boys ever :)
aunt bea is going to miss them...and i see many, many more road trips (shorter, to dallas, perhaps?!) in their future!