Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Sunkist" and "Squirt"...or something like that. :)

She smiles in the sunshine...
I'm at my best on cloudy and moody days.
She blissfully soaks in the extreme heat...
I happily shiver in cold air.
She became who she is when she was
at the beginning of her second decade of life...
I'm ever changing and don't know who I'll become
with the next breath I take.
But we both dream in memories of the past
and smile at shared moments.
We love mint chocolate chip ice cream
( cream in general, really) and reading good books.
We love our children with our whole hearts,
and love each other as dearly as sisters.
I know she'll laugh with me when I'm happy
and cry with me when I'm hurting...
and she knows I'll do the same for her.
She's always one of the first to get down in the trench
with matter how deep and dark...
and fight for me.
She's the truest definition of friend.
We cherish our time together.
It doesn't happen as often as either of us would like!

The last two times we've "vacationed" together,
we've both carried our cameras around to capture fun moments.
And both times we realized at the end of the week
that we didn't get any pictures of the two of us together.
Oh, well...we know we were there.

We got to go skating for a couple of hours for old times sake. :)
It was fun, despite the crash early in the evening...haha.

Our only picture together from the week
was at Chuck E Cheese.
It was one of those photo-booth, pencil sketch things.
It took us a few takes to get a couple of good ones
(one for each of us)
and I was going to post mine,
but I suck at the whole scanner thing. can just trust me that we're
super-cute best friends. :)

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