Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sigh my name

I had a beautiful impression.
It was there only moments ago,
but when I reached for it, it danced away.

It was about losing something...
Something that might have been worth more
than the reality for which it was sacrificed.

It is taunting me,
but unwilling to surrender in full.
I hear pieces, drifting on sighs...
("...with sadness, feel what once was stirring
float away on an exhaled breath.")
It's at the edge of my memory,
loath to be recalled.

Should I consider it lost?

For now, here I am
without what I had.
Wondering why
it seems so important to remember...

what my heart won't let me forget.


Raschelle said...

this is lovin you....

Heather Ratcliffe Busey said...

I love this!