Tuesday, December 30, 2008

mo mhian

I have some things that I've writted that have been in my computer files for a very long time. I rarely feel like sharing them, because they never feel...finished.
But I decided to post this one. And maybe I'll post a few more later...

You looked my way...
In that quiet flash of time, our eyes engaged
and the sun rose.

Memories of an empty, restless night slid away
with the blooming, radiant blush of day.
Beauty suspended in that instant...
Within those gentle moments, the light shimmered,
spreading it's brilliant rays...
filling every voided space
with passionate and colorful shades.
Everything was washed in a soft glow.
A longing rushed through me...

then you looked away.
The shiny moment passed,
and the sun set.

1 comment:

CMLanctot said...

Silly, art never feels finished. Yet, that was poigniant and delightful. Very intimate.