Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Magnitude" and...me.

A couple of blogs ago, I posted my want list. I hesitated to allow others to read it for a number of reasons...including a bit of trepidation in sounding like an incredibly selfish girl, but mostly because of a fear that I'd fail myself in a [somewhat] public way. What if I don't achieve any of those things? I mean, you know me, you've read my list...I'm sure you'll notice if I never move to Alaska, right? lol.

But ultimately, I believe that it's beneficial to speak our wants and desires into the universe. I don't mean that in a mystical way. I'm just saying, if we speak our dreams into life (or blog them into life, as I've done...lol), we are held accountable in making them a reality. Everyone will wonder and ask if we've "done it yet", and who wants to say no? Yeah...not me. It's not fun admitting defeat...especially if I've defeated myself.

I read a quote the other day, and it really incited some deep thinking.

"Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world."
Joel A. Barker

I can want/wish/dream/desire often and hard, but no matter how badly I yearn for something, it is unattainable without action. It'll remain on my list of things that I aspire to accomplish and adventures that I hope to experience before my life is over.

To leave a safe path for an unknown in pursuit of a dream, risks are taken. It takes courage and faith...and failure is always a possibility. I can't achieve something great without chancing failure. But I just have to do it. I have to move forward or I'll just be standing still. Makes sense, right?


Kelly Beane said...

totally makes sense. i totally believe in speaking things into life... or reality! to help give it power so we can make it happen. this can be the same on the flipside if you tend to be negative. that's why i believe our words have so much power. okay, i'm getting off on something else, but thanks for sharing :)

CMLanctot said...

It's funny. I hesitate to tell most people my dreams. I admire that you put yours out in the open like this. Me I'm afraid if I say the, then I've blown my cover and then I'll lose the ambition to show people what I can do. We all have dreams and we all achieve them differently. GOOD LUCK!

Heather Ratcliffe Busey said...

I enjoy all your posts very much. I think it's important to voice our wants because sometimes actually saying them out loud makes them either realistic, crazy, or both! Neither is a bad thing! I felt it was very cathartic to get the "wants" out there! Don't ever hesitate! :)