Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"We are the music makers..."

I typed this up last week. I didn't post it because I'm not entirely sure I purged my mind with my words. I typically like to get all of my thoughts on a particular subject out and together before I post it...but whatever. I didn't want to leave the Microsoft Word document open on my desktop anymore...lol. So if I read through it and decide to add more later, you'll just have to read it all over again.

I love to write poetry. One of the most satisfying things about it is that I can write my deepest thoughts, and if I word it in a vague way, I know what I mean but you don’t. And although I always mean something very specific, you are free to interpret it any way you like. It’s like I’m shouting a secret, and no one hears it. It’s great...very cathartic.

My favorite type of poetry is musical lyrics. I’m very into lyrics. I’m drawn to a song first because of the beat and the singer’s voice, but it truly grabs me when the words are great. That’s one of my “things”...I always look up the lyrics. I enjoy reading them...
My current profile song on myspace is I’m yours, by Jason Mraz.

"I've been spendin' way too long checkin' my tongue in the mirror
and bendin' over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
and so I drew a new face and I laughed
I guess what I'd be sayin' is there ain't no better reason
to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons
it's what we aim to do
our name is our virtue"

I’m not entirely sure how he intended these words to be understood, but it prompts my emotional mind...
We try so hard to see what we “are”...and our image is nearly always distorted by our efforts.
I don't think we ever actually see ourselves as others do...for better or worse.
I mentioned in my previous blog that I’ve changed quite a bit in the last few years. In reality, I’ve nearly become a whole new person. I’m becoming the person that I want to be. It’s fun. I don’t care what you think of me, or if you don’t agree with the choices I make or the way I present myself. I’m just gonna be me. I’m going to live while I have breath. If I’m moldable (and I hope I am...I’d like to think that I'm receptive to good change), I want to be the artist responsible for my shape. When I look in the mirror, I want to smile at the face I see looking back at me. I’m nearly there...


Kelly Beane said...

oh you have such a way with words. i love this post because i too feel, specifically in the past year, i've been on that journey to become the woman i want to be. a changing person in the mirror, but it's beautiful... and i enjoy it... it's invigorating & freeing. i won't keep on, :) but thanks for sharing!

Cara said...

you can type a blog in blogger without posting it. your options at the bottom of the "new post" page are "publish now" or "save". if you save, it shows up to you and to no one else until you publish it. i have several that i have saved that way. then you can edit them all you want before posting!

Susan said...

i love to red what you write! i wish i were so poetic! but i suppose that is what makes a person different from another! boy, i have changed a lot...too much...but still not enough!

CMLanctot said...

It's amazing how some of us change. The person I see in the mirror is nothing like the person who went to Altus High a decade ago, and I'm sure I won't recognize myself 10 years from now either. I like the mystery of it. I like who I am and the fact that I'm an evolving and growing person. I love to moldable as you put it and I strive to always be open to ideas and dreams. Never stop dreaming.

Raschelle said...

Youre so much like me when it comes to music is scary. I listen to the words, the depth, the poetical lyrics to a song are what caputres me before the beat or the sound.