Monday, September 22, 2008

Simply this...

Well, I've had this blogspot account opened since May. I don't typically run short of things to say...but for some reason, I just haven't used this particular blog. Maybe I was hoping to launch my new page with an entry that would be hugely fantastic...the problem is that I haven't had any hugely fantastic thoughts lately...
But I don't want my blog to be naked anymore. So, I'll just write whatever comes to mind and proceed from there, k?

I'm assuming that most of the people that are reading this already know me (or perhaps you're just a creepy blog stalker and you don't know anything about me?)
But maybe you already know that I am merely Miranda. I am nothing special, but completely unique. Ever changing, but always...Miranda
I was on a playground today...swinging slowly and thinking about what makes our personalities. Is it something that is instilled in us when we're born, or is it something we create...constructing ourselves into what we want to be...choosing attributes that fit an image we desire to portray? I'm nothing at all like I was when I was younger...hardly the same as I was even in high school/early college. I'm ever evolving...
Am I responsible for becoming what I am...or do my circumstances and life occurrences shape me? Maybe both. Probably. Being a bit of a control freak, I like to think that I hold most of the power.

Just for fun (or in case you're one of the folks that is lurking around in the earlier parenthesis), I'll type a few words that I believe describe some aspects of me. This list is by no means all inclusive. I don't believe I could type enough words to paint myself on paper...and certainly not with 10 simple phrases.
But here goes...
I am...
-obsessive compulsive (but not in the real, medically diagnosed way. My sister sometimes refers to me as "anal". I would say I'm just...particular.)
-a picky eater...incredibly picky.
-I have a healthy obsession with health (because how could an obsession with health not be healthy?)
-a writer
-a runner
-fickle...and temperamental to go along with it. So watch out.
-a lover of all of its' forms.
-a list maker. Lists keep me...sane.
-incredibly and sadly sentimental.
-blessed/cursed with a strong and vivid memory and imagination.

So. Aren't you glad you know me?...(or, again for those parenthesis lurkers, don't you want to know me?!)

For the last two(ish) years, I've been posting my thoughts on myspace. I'll likely post some of those blogs on here...or at least the links...because everyone should read what I've written.


Raschelle said...

im no weird stalky im going to read and post all the time!! i love reading peoples blogs! and i love you!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you've decided to start a "real" blog. I will be a faithful reader :)

Cara said...

a) WHO is the fabulous designer of your header?!?!!! seriously...this person is tal-ent-ed!
b) "anal"..."particular" can paint stripes on a donkey, but isn't it still a donkey...or something like that.
c) don't knock blog-stalkers. i am one...and it hurts our feelings! HA!

Kelly Beane said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're here! I will certainly be stalking & I look forward to your writings (no pressure tho ;) Luv ya!

Susan said...

wait...i have you on here too? YES! i love to blog, as you will see, and i hope you stop by sometime! love the blog and i love and miss you! gosh, can you believe it has almost been ten years? ugh, time, flies, by.