Friday, July 31, 2009


For all the cool people that come check out my blog during the moments in their life that are so boring they have nothing better to do:
Thanks for reading. :)
I'll be posting some new blogs soon. I've been uninspired lately...unmotivated, unaccomplished, undisciplined, unaccepted, unfocused, uneven, unbecoming, unbraced, ungraceful, unclear, unloveable, unconvinced, untuned, unwanted, unwise...a bad case of the "un-"s.

I recently realized that I tend to live my life in an ellipsis.
And you'll get to read the rest of that revelation soon.

So keep coming back. I won't leave you hanging forever.

In the mean time...the in-between time,
My love to you...


Heather Ratcliffe Busey said...

Yes I miss you! But I definitely 'un'derstand...I've had my case of the 'uns' lately also...

I enjoy reading when you're exceptional!

Kelly Beane said...

I hate that you've experienced all those "uns", but I know that comes with life... Definitely anticipating what you have coming up!!