Wednesday, June 10, 2009


With a small pang of trepidation,
(oh, the ache of misgivings)
I placed it in your open palm,
and saw it cupped gently there.
Lifting the hand closer to your face
your eyes widened,
as if by widening they could capture more vividly
the delight in that fragile moment.

Your lips curved up softly...
a smile slowly bloomed
like the petals of the morning glory,
until the light from it matched
the light in already shining eyes.

You glanced up at me...
so very briefly
with an absent recollection that you were not alone
with the loveliness you held.
I caught a flicker of joyful gratitude in the look,
but my face could not hold your attention
and back to the pulse all concentration was drawn.

Delicately, you curled long fingers up
then over
in an innocent attempt to protect
that which was placed in your care.

Your breath quickened,
heartbeat steadily increased
pounding out a pleasure-rhythm
felt all the way in my core...
so close I was to you.
Forgotten, I stood,
but enchanted by your fascination
I forgot myself.

Tender fingers gradually tightened;
you didn't want to drop it
for fear your heartbeat would level
and the vitalizing buzz racing
through your veins would still.
Just a little firmer you gripped
not wanting the radiance to be
greedily gulped by a nearby wanderer.

Justified in your mind,
you curled tighter
that self-made haven
until nails scored tiny slivered moons into skin.
To be certain the risk of losing the new possession
had been eliminated,
you pressed the hardened fist to your chest.

Again, your attention was mine...
the pieces left, anyway,
for your mind was divided
and a bigger portion was inside that palm,
resting serenely, you believed,
with the pulse of a desire.

We exchanged words...
none of which mattered;
I knew what you wished
and I was not it.

Then, desperately fiening for the high,
aching with sighs to reunite,
you unclenched defenses
and found nothing.

I whispered.
"Don't lock it away
only to be enjoyed in small moments
then wounded by the crushing weight of your fear."

And raising my hand
with no reservations
I released the gift
back into yours.

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